A comprehensive guide to sodding

A good lawn is admirable, as it’s attractive and beautifies the home. However, some places may be barrel to grow their gardens, or you have the desire to re-carpet your lawn. Here is a quick guide on how to install a SOD in your Calgary home that leaves your compound to the admiration of many including your neighbors.

Steps to sodding your compound

  • Test the soil; it’s important to check the soil so as to determine the type of grass you will require in your compound. Dig up some soil from different places you want to sod, then mix it. Put it in the test kit; you could obtain one from the Calgary extension office. The results are ready after a week. It’s essential to do it before purchasing the sod, as keeping the turf before installation isn’t advised.
  • On receiving the results, measure the ground that requires sodding. Be careful not to measure less or more than required. However order a slightly higher amount than the exact measurement you get. On purchasing the sod, the supplier may enquire on the place you would like to install the sod e.g. the shade, sunlight, wetness, etc. to know the grass you require on your sod.
  • Dig up the area, up to 6 inches, then put some organic matter up to 2inches. Rake the place in preparation to install the sod, and make sure it has adequate moisture. You could water, a day before installation.
  • Lay the sod along a straight edge. Avoid walking on the lawn, as you install it, and rake any footsteps you may put in the process. Firmly put the edges of turf together although not overlapping and smoothen any wrinkled sod.
  • Lay the sod in rows, fixing the smaller pieces in the center. Putting smaller pieces on the edges may make them shrink and even dry. After stalling your `carpet’ cut the curves, this could be done using a lawn edger, while cutting along a hose to guide the edges.
  • Fill the seams will commercial top soil and brush it along with a strong push brush, careful not to pull up loose turf edges. Then roll the sod to enhance its contact with the soil below. A lawn roller is usable for the job.
  • Keep away from the lawn, the first three weeks, keep children away from the sod as well. Staying away will enable it to adjust and allow the roots pave their way to the soil. However, frequent watering is needed, based on the Calgary climate at the time of installation. Reduce the amount of water every week to enable the roots to get deeper into the soil, and firmly adhere to the ground.
  • Mow the lawn after four weeks of installation, using a walk behind mower as opposed to a heavy riding one. Put the grass catcher bag to carry the clippings, as it’s not well adjusted to use the clippings as mulch; however, you could use them in the flowerbeds. Fertilize the sod, and enjoy quality lawn at your Calgary home henceforth.